HAWKPEAK DISTRIBUTORS LLC is an Independent Financial Services intermediary keenly focused on Wholesale Financial Services:

  • Over 33 years industry expertise and experience
  • Know-how, relationships, and
  • A proven history of success
  • Over $20 Billion in Lifetime Cap Intro

Distribution is both art and science and professional networks and relationships remain the most valuable currency in financial services distribution. Intellectual capital and experience is also a defining component of HawkPeak’s competitive advantage; the know-how and know-who to navigate firms, products, licensing, registration, platforms, selling agreements, and placement intel.

Alis volat propriis infinitum; he flies by his own wings to infinity, i.e. without limit.

HawkPeak’s Motto; Artes, Scientia, and Veritas (Art, Knowledge, and Truth).


  • Wholesale Financial Services
  • Hedge Funds
  • Business and/or Emerging Manager Startups
  • Financial Product/Distribution Expertise
  • Sales/Marketing Expertise
  • Cap Into
  • Capital/Asset Acquisition Strategy/Execution
  • Marketing Strategy
  • VC/Venture Capital
  • Emerging Manager/Start-up/Scale-up
  • Asset Retention
  • Cash Management (FDIC)



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HawkPeak®, Consulting Group™.

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