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HawkPeak is an independent financial services intermediary keenly focused on wholesale financial services and investment management.

> Over 28 years of industry experience

> Know-how, relationships, and

> A proven history of success.

Distribution is both art and science and professional networks and relationships remain the most valuable currency in financial services distribution. Intellectual capital and experience is also a defining component of HawkPeak’s competitive advantage; the know-how and know-who to navigate firms, products, licensing, registration, platforms, selling agreements, and placement intel.

Alis volat propriis infinitum;

he flies by his own wings to infinity, i.e. without limit.

HawkPeak’s Motto; Artes, Scientia, and Veritas

(Art, Knowledge, and Truth).


Ralph Allen (Founder)

Bill Dorough

Jill Dorough

​Julie Genson


Wholesale Distribution

Sales & Marketing Expertise

Capital/Asset Acquisition Strategy/Execution

Strategic Planning

Product Design

Marketing Strategy

Venture Investing

​Asset Retention


Catalyst Funds & Managed Accounts – Unique and differentiated top performing mutual funds (MF) and separate accounts (SMA); event-driven Insider buying Funds, hedged strategies, and long-only equity and fixed income; liquid alts/liquid alternatives.

MAP/Managed Asset Portfolios – Mutual Funds and Managed Accounts, PSN (Plan Sponsor Network) Top Gun Award Winner for Managed Accounts 10, 11, and 12 years.

Preferred Apartment Communities – Series A Redeemable Preferred Stock & Warrants $900 million offering for a non-traded stable value preferred stock, yielding 6% at public offering price (POP), preferential to the Preferred Apartment Communities common stock, and the common stock is traded on the NYSE under the symbol (“APTS”).

USA Mutuals/The Barrier Fund (VICEX) – mutual fund and managed account focused around companies that maintain high barriers to entry, moats around their businesses, and strong demonstrated brands and free cash flow from operations “Cash Kings”. Quadrant approach to equity investing; alcohol, gaming/casinos, defense spending, and tobacco.

Investment Advisory Services offered through Monticello Investment Services Inc. (MISI) an SEC RIA. Securities offered through MidAmerica Financial Services, Inc. (MFSI) Member FINRA & SIPC, MISI & MFSI are affiliated. MISI & MFSI are not affiliated with HawkPeak.

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